Assistant nursing director files wrongful termination suit

Everyone knows that losing a job can have significant financial ramifications. The loss of a job can also be an emotionally and psychologically traumatic experience, especially when a job is lost as a result of retaliation. When employers are caught in unlawful business practices, they will often retaliate against employees for speaking up. Workers in Massachusetts and all across the country have a right to speak up about concerns in the workplace without fear of retaliation. Recently, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit against a former employer alleging wrongful termination.

The woman worked as an assistant nursing director for a senior living center. According to the lawsuit, the woman reported the director of nursing for stealing drugs. The woman claims that not long after the reported theft, she was terminated from her job.

The lawsuit says that the defendants informed the plaintiff that she was being fired over accusations of sexual harassment and that they circulated her photo within the facility. The plaintiff claims she suffered mental anguish and a damaged reputation along with financial difficulties after allegedly being wrongfully terminated. She seeks trial by jury and monetary relief between $200,000 and $1 million.

Fortunately, there are laws in the state of Massachusetts that protect workers from retaliation by employers. Those who feel they were unjustly fired from a job could benefit by seeking the services of an experienced attorney to help them through this difficult experience. A successful wrongful termination lawsuit could provide a sense of justice and much-needed compensation to offset any loss of income.

Source:, “Assistant nursing director accuses senior living center of wrongful termination“, Noddy A. Fernandez, July 3, 2017