Blind barber files wrongful termination lawsuit against employer

The Massachusetts man who became known as “The Blind Barber” alleges that he lost his job because of his disability. He claims that after he lost his job, his family suffered unnecessary hardships. The man filed a wrongful termination claim against Tony’s Barber shop to try to right the injustices against him.

The plaintiff was declared legally blind by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind; indeed, he may eventually lose his sight completely. His condition — retinitis pigmentosa — affects his night and peripheral vision. Despite his disability, the plaintiff still felt that he could perform his job duties.

In 2012, the plaintiff’s supervisor became aware of his condition. The plaintiff had tripped twice, once over the legs of a customer and the second time over a chair. He claims that his supervisor told him to clean up his belongings and call his wife to take him home. After losing his job, the man claims that he struggled for three years to find a job, but was unable to secure one. His job loss eventually led to the foreclosure of his condo and being forced to live on government assistance.

His former boss asserted that the reason why the plaintiff was fired was not because he was blind, but because of his job performance and that he was unlicensed. He also believes that the plaintiff was using his condition as an excuse to make false claims that hid real reason that he was fired. The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination disagreed and determined that the plaintiff was the victim of a wrongful termination, awarding a total of $100,000 for his lawsuit.

Source: New York Daily News, “Blind barber awarded $100,000 for being fired from shop in Massachusetts: commission“, Alfred Ng, Nov. 8, 2015